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Jimmy Page Sits Down for a Long Chat About Zeppelin

Dec 31, 2012 at 10:21 AM | Music News | By Rock Square

Seemingly not yet totally fed up with talking about Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion concert, Jimmy Page recently submitted himself to BBC’s questions about his band’s one-off London show and the live album/concert film that resulted.

“There was a lot of preparation [for the concert]”, explained Page. “The first rehearsal was really exciting because I think everyone had such a will to make it work, but nevertheless, we really needed to be playing properly as a band and not just sort of go through the motions of it. We really needed to throw ourselves into the whole commitment of it.”

All that practice paid off in the form of confidence once showtime rolled around.

“I knew that we’d really prepared for this. I knew that we’d invested enough time to make it really superb,” Page said. “There was that thought of well, I am absolutely sure that we’ve got it right, as far as the balance, the movement, the whole journey, if you like. And I didn’t necessarily have floods of nerves, but the adrenaline really turned on, and I was just really wanting to get out there and play.”

According to Page, it was drummer Jason Bonham who was under the most pressure that night: “Jason had the hardest job of anybody. That’s my opinion anyway. Because he had to fill his father’s shoes and he had a lot resting on his shoulders.”

When asked about the five-year interval between the 2007 concert and the 2012 release of Celebration Day, Page explained: “We needed to distance ourselves from it. It was quite healthy to do that.”

You know what would be really healthy? A reunion tour! How about it?

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