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Alice Cooper to Honor Famous Drinking Buddies on Covers Album

Jul 17, 2013 at 9:18 AM | Music News | By Rock Square

Alice Cooper has long had a habit of including cover songs in his stage show, and now the horror-rock pioneer will finally put his tributes to tape for a forthcoming album of covers. Cooper, who hits the road on a European tour next week, will be drawing on the work of the old pals he used to get blottoed with.

“I had a drinking club called the Hollywood Vampires and we met at the Rainbow Room [in West Hollywood] every night,“ Cooper explained in a recent interview. “And it was Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Mickey Dolenz, Bernie Taupin, myself and everybody else that showed up. Hardcore drinking, last man standing kind of place. Well, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, all those guys dropped in, and [the covers album] is a tribute to our dead drunk friends.”

Okay. Hold on a second. Just take a breath and imagine Keith Moon and John Lennon and Mickey Dolenz and Alice Cooper pounding pints together. Oh to be a fly on that wall!

While Cooper will be honoring casualties of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, he himself gave up his habit decades ago.

“I quit drinking 31 years ago and I never smoked cigarettes,” Cooper said. “I’ve been happily married for 37 years. So my stress level is absolutely zero. I’m in better shape at 65 than I was when I was at 35. I was a mess at 35. So 65 years old, I get up and do two hours on stage, five nights a week, and feel great.”

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