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Aerosmith and Slash to Tour U.S. Together

Mar 25, 2014 at 1:30 PM | Music News | By Rock Square

Neither camp has made it officially-official yet, but considering the fact that both Joe Perry and Slash tweeted about it over the weekend, we’re just going to assume this is really going to happen: rock giants Aerosmith will be touring the United States with guitar great Slash this summer.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry dropped the surprise news via Twitter with the following brief blast: “It’s official--we just talked, AEROSMITH/SLASH USA tour confirmed!! Tickets on sale [in the] next few weeks, soon as dates [are] confirmed. LET ROCK RULE!” Slash tossed his two cents in as well: “Great news! We’ll be touring the US with Aerosmith this summer! Stay tuned for dates. It’s going to be a killer tour!” Perry posted a follow-up missive yesterday, promising that “dates will be announced soon.”

The pairing of these rock luminaries makes perfect sense, for it was Aerosmith’s 1976 album Rocks that inspired Slash to get into the business of shredding in the first place.

Rocks was also right up my alley because I was one of those kids,” Slash said. “I was bad in school. I had long hair and wore jeans. I smoked. I didn't fit into the yuppie crowd. I was basically just a punk who didn't fit in anywhere. At that time I knew nothing about the guitar, either. I had been to a lot of recording sessions with my parents, but I didn't know anything about anything. But I always dug music, and Aerosmith's drunken, chemically induced powerhouse sound just sold me and changed me forever. Rocks was aggressive, loud and swaggering. It fit my personality perfectly.”

Let’s hope their personalities still mesh when they take their summer road trip together.

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