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Expanded Version of ‘The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story’ to Be Released in May

Mar 27, 2014 at 2:15 PM | Music News | By Rock Square

Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett, who retired from music completely just a few years after leaving Pink Floyd in 1968, might not have contributed a great quantity of music during his troubled time on this planet, but Barrett’s work, both with and without Pink Floyd, left an indelible mark on the world of psychedelic rock. Far from forgotten, Barrett seems to gain in popularity as the years pass, and he’s even become a sort of dark icon of fraught genius.

In 2001, rock doc The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story emerged to illuminate the brief and tempestuous years during which Barrett led Pink Floyd. Now, thirteen years later, the rock archivists at Eagle Rock Entertainment are putting together a special expanded edition of the film. The 2-DVD set will be presented in Dolby Digital Stereo and will include bonus material that will bring the movie’s running time to 214 minutes.

Barrett’s early contributions to Pink Floyd were so essential that bandmate Roger Waters never even considered bringing his own compositions to the project. “I had no idea that I would ever really write songs,” Waters said. “And in the early years, I didn't have to because Syd was writing all the material and it was only after he stopped writing that the rest of us had to start trying to do it.”

If Roger Waters is content taking the back seat, you know you’re doing something right. Check out the 1967 gem “See Emily Play” for a brief blast of Barrett’s inimitable genius at work.

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