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  $700.00 USD
Digitech WH-1 Whammy Effects Pedal w/ Original ...
Immaculate. I spent several years searching for this pedal in “Like New” condition and paid more than I am asking here. The previous owner purchased it new and kept it in his closet virtually unused for decades. I have only used it a coup
  $650.00 USD
Gabe Pedals Loop Bypass True Bypass Box
The Loop Bypass Pedal is the answer for those pedals that aren't true bypass, but are in your signal chain. To use the loop bypass- You simply: 1. Plug into the pedal where you want the loop to start (maybe right after your guitar, or maybe right in
  $50.00 USD
Gabe Pedals Dying Battery Simulator w/switchabl...
The Dying Battery Simulator allows you to drop the voltage coming from your power supply, before going into your analog effect- and manipulate the original sound of your pedal. Ideal for analog fuzz, overdrive or distortion pedals, this simulates wha
  $36.00 USD
Gabe Pedals Signal Saver Line Buffer
The Signal Saver is a discrete FET, impedence matching line buffer ideal for use with an effects pedal board and/or when you have a long cable running to your amp. The Signal Saver buffer will allow you to regain your guitar's high end, which is comp
  $60.00 USD
Gabe Pedals 1 watt guitar amp head
This guitar amplifier head is a 1 watt, LM386-N4 chip guitar amplifier able to power a single speaker cabinet, or even a 4x12" speaker cabinet, no kidding! Amplifier will power a 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker. I hand build each amplifier- including etching
  $75.00 USD
Distant Voices Theremin - Widara Effects
Classic, spacey, psychedelic sounds at your fingertips. Introducing the freshly designed, and compact Distant Voices Theremin from Widara Effects. Measurements (with folded antenna) Width: 17 cm Height: 18 cm Depth: 6 cm Antenna Length:66 cm Weight
  $99.99 USD
Loop Bypass Switch with Tuner Line Out and DC J...
This loop switch true byapss pedal has a single loop that can be switched in and out of your signal chain so you can true bypass pedals when they are not in use. This results in a stronger, clearer signal going to your amplifier- eliminating cables a
  $65.00 USD
Gabe Pedals A/B footswitch
An Ultra compact, A/B footswitch for switching between two amps or signal chains. Use it in reverse to switch between two instruments. Dead quiet when switching between channels. Built, hand wired and bench tested in Alabama, United States.
  $36.00 USD
Mini True Bypass Looper
A super small true bypass looper, designed to bypass pedals when not in use and bring back your guitar tone previously lost to tone sucking pedals. Make any pedal true bypass, by simply placing the non-true bypass pedal in this pedal's loop and clic
  $50.00 USD
Fender Super Reverb Guitar Amp Cover Black
Fits: 2001 '65 Super Reverb®, most early to mid '60s Super Reverb amps, '93 Super Amp. Cover Dimensions: Height:24 5/8" (62.5 cm), Width: 25 1/8" (63.8 cm), Depth: 10 1/2" (26 cm), Color: Black
  $20.99 USD
Fender Black Amp Handle with screws
Mounting Screws Included. Distance between centers of screw holes: 8" Genuine Fender Part 099-0947-000
  $10.40 USD
Fender '59 Bassman Guitar Amp Cover Brown
Fender® Amp Cover Fits: '59 Bassman®, Blues Deville 410, Hot Rod Deville 410Cover Dimensions: Height: 22.37", Width: 23.5", Depth: 10.5", Color: Brown
  $19.95 USD
Fender Guitar Amplifier Red Jewel
Authentic Fender replacement Jewel! Replace a broken jewel or customize your amp - just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one for a cool custom look. This is a new amp replacement jewel in a rich RED color. This jewel fits many brands of amps,
  $8.65 USD
Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver Distortion Guitar Effect ...
The Ibanez JD9 produces a unique sound reminiscent of a high-grade, handcrafted effects pedal. From piercing distortion to the warm crunch of a tube amp, this pedal features a wide variety of drive control options. The mid control is capable of produ
  $84.49 USD
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12 Guitar Amp Cover Black
Fits: Hot Rod Deluxe, Prosonic Amp Cover Dimensions: Height: 17", Width: 23.5", Depth: 10", Color: Black
  $19.89 USD
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal Guitar...
The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer reissue is a lot like the original. It comes from the same factory and has the same housing and components. It also has the same great overdrive that made the original pedal a classic. The TS9 has tone, drive, and level c
  $92.00 USD
Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 Guitar Amp Cover Black
Fits: Hot Rod Deville 2 x 12 Cover Dimensions: Height: 21.75", Width: 24", Depth: 10.75", Color: Black
  $19.89 USD
Fender '65 Twin Reverb 2x12 Guitar Amp Cover Black
RF Fits: Twin Reverb 2 x 12 Cover Dimensions: Height: 19.87", Width: 26.5", Depth: 10.5", Color: Black
  $19.99 USD
Fender Amp Corners 3 Screw Set of 4
Genuine Fender Part 099-1350-000. For Fender amps requiring 3 screws
  $9.75 USD
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Guitar Effect ...
The Ibanez TS9DX is from the same factory as the original TS9. It has the same hand wired analog circuitry and the same warm Tube Screamer overdrive and sustain. The TS9DX has three new settings for more low-end crunch: +, Hot, and Turbo, all of whic
  $105.00 USD
Fender Guitar Amp Vintage Chicken Head Knobs 6 ...
Genuine Fender Amplifier Replacement Chicken Head Knobs. Pack of 6. Part number #099-0935-000
  $17.68 USD
Fender Gutiar Amp Sphinx Glides Feet Set of 4
Genuine Fender Part 099-3900-000. Includes four screws
  $9.25 USD
Fender 10' Guitar Amp California Series Cable G...
Fender California Series Cables are designed specifically for high performance. The braided shield is optimally stranded with OFC copper for superior sound quality and frequency balance.10' Premium Instrument Cable Color: Surf Green
  $12.75 USD

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